The Confectioner’s Shop in Bra, since 1838


Anything goes
at Carnival time…

Treat yourself with our “Bugie”, typical fried sweets filled with custard, chocolate, jam, apples and pears (and also the empty ones are delicious!).

The Sweets Lab

Pasticceria dolce

All throughout the year our lab produces petit fours, Savoiardi biscuits, Brutti e Buoni, Gianduia and Nougat Cakes, Candied Pears, Aromatic Sweets with Mint and Gentian.

The Savoury Treats

Pasticceria salata

But sweets aren’t our only speciality. They are matched by a number of savoury treats made on site: Savoury Croissants,Focacce and Pizzette, Sandwiches made with our unique brioche buns, Toasties with our own bread, Savoury Pastries and Canapé.